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Establishment of the Department

Sr.No Class Year of Establishment
1 F.Y.BSc. 17 August 1982
2 S.Y.BSc. June 1983
3 T.Y.BSc. From 1991 to 1999

Department of zoology was established in 1982, under the supervision & headship of prof. Dhumal S.S. & one non-teaching staff member. Later in 1985 Prof.Bakare S.R. joined the department as lecturer. After the transfer of Prof.Bakare S.R. to junior wing, Dr. Suryawanshi S.G. joined the Department as lecturer. Presently there are two teaching & non-teaching staffs working in the department.


  1. Zoology department is the well-furnished department in the college.
  2. Departmental faculty publishes more than 33 research papers in various National & International Scientific journals.
  3. The faculty having the guideship for Ph.D.
  4. Two Ph.D. students admitted for the Ph.D. in zoology.


Since beginning the zoology department is full-fledged department with Scientific equipment’s & instruments, materials with established infrastructure. It has a spacious laboratory of size 40 into 30 feet, a spacious staff room, a research lab, a museum with 200 specimens, 500 slides, 130 charts, chemicals, glassware’s etc. And a store room. Department has computer facility with internet facility.


1] Implementation of zoology subject at special level.
2] Major / minor research project DST / UGC.
3] To organize National / State level seminar for student & staff.
4] Apiculture certificate course for students & farmers.
5] Construction of animal house.
6] Strengthening research activities.
7] Social awareness.

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