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Department of Physics was established in the year 1982.Department is completely involved for the benefit of the student welfare and society. Faculties of the department provides vast information, sufficient guidance in their curricular and extra-curricular work The Department faculty members, students, students alumni and friends of the department are actively engaged in an enormous range of activities and work for society. Punctuality, regular attendance, monthly assessment of students are the important practices which department carries on, this helps us to keep regular activities of students in class rooms as well as in laboratories during their schedules up to date. Department also provides vocational guidance and counselling to students from time to time for their future.

Establishment of the department

Sr.No. Department Particulars Date of Establishment
1 U.G. F. Y. B.Sc. 1982-83
2 S. Y. B.Sc. 1983-84
3 T. Y. B.Sc. 1984-85

Former Heads of the Department

Sr.No. Name of the Heads Tenure
1 Prof. S. A. Satpute 1982 to 1983
2 Prof. N. B. Gangarde 1983 to 1986
3 Prof. R. M. Kulkarni 1986 to 2016
4 Prof.Dr.R. M. Shelake 2016 to onward

Objectives of the Department
1. To impart basic education in Physics.
2. To develop experimental skills of the students in the subject
3. To develop scientific temperament
4. To prepare the students for admission to higher studies.
5. To prepare the students for employment in small scale industries.
6. To motivate the students for self-employment.


Name Position Qualification Department

Dr. Shelake R. M.

Head & Associate Professor