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Department of geography was established in the year 1982 under the supervision of Mr. R.N. Nalage former head department of Geography for the study of various geographical aspects, man-environment interaction and geography of rural area in Shrigonda Tahasil to whole world.
Today, the department of geography is a large vibrant intellectual community. The fulfill faculty members, students, students alumni and friends of the department are actively engaged in an enormous range of activities involving research, publishing, teaching , learning and work for society.

Establishment of the department

Sr.No. Department Particulars Date of Establishment
1 U.G. F.Y.B.A. Geography 1982-83
2 F.Y.B.Sc. Geography 1982-83
3 S.Y.B.A. Geography 1983-84
4 T.Y.B.A. Geography 1984-85

Former Heads of the Department

Sr.No. Name of the Heads Tenure
1 Prof. R.N. Nalage 1982 to 2009
2 Prof.A.H.Choudhar 2009 to Nov.2018
3 Prof.B.N. Maharnoor Dec.2018 to onward

1. Upgrade the existing laboratory facilities.
2. Develop highly potential research lab for the students & faculty.
3. Start the Geography department at P.G. level.
4. To establish soil tests & water testing lab.


Students of the department passed NET/SLET /Ph.D. awarded


Name Position Qualification Department

Prof. B.N. Maharnur

Head & Associate Professor

Prof.Dr. S.M. Kadam

Assistant Professor,Exam Officer M.A.Med,Ph.D.,SET,NET

Prof.V.C. Ithape

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor