M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

Semester-I Semester-II
CHP-110 Fundamental of Physical Chemistry-I
CHI-130 Molecular Symmetry & chemistry of P-block Elements
CHO-150 Basic Organic chemistry
CSA-190 Safety in Chemical Laboratories & good Laboratory Practices
CHP-210 Fundamental of Physical Chemistry -II
CHI-230 Coordination & Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHO-250 Synthetic Organic Chemistry & Spectroscopy
CSA-290 General Chemistry
Practical Courses
CHP-107 Physical Chemistry
CHI-127 Inorganic Chemistry
CHO-247 Organic Chemistry
Semester-III Semester-IV
CHO-350 Organic Reaction Machanism
CHO-351 Spectroscopic Methods in Structure Determination
CHO-352 Organic Stereo chemistry
CHO-353 Pericyclic Reactions Photochemistry & Heterocyclic Chemistry
CHO-450 Natural Products
CHO-451 Advance Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CHO-452 Carbohydrate & Chiron Approach/Chiral Drugs & Medicinal Chemistry
CHO-453 Designing Organic Synthesis & Asymmetric Synthesis
Practical Courses
CHO-347 Singal Stage Preparation
CHO-447 Two Stage Preparation
CHO-448 Project Industrial Training /Green Chemistry & Chemical Biology Experiments