M.A. History

Semester-I Semester-II
Core Courses
1. History And it's Theory
2. Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India
3. Maratha Polity
Optional Courses(any 1)
1. Cultural History of Maharashtra
2. History of Medieval Deccan, 1295-1724
3. Social Background of Dalit Movement of Maharashtra
4. History and Philosophy of Science and Tehnology (Development in the West )
5. U.S.A.:From Isolation to Hegemony
6. History of Art and Architecture in India: Ancient Period
7. History of Environment & Ecology
Core Courses
4. History And it's Practice
5. Evolution of Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India
6. Socio-Economics History of the Marathas
Optional Courses(any 1)
8. Marathas in 17th and 18th century Power Politics
9. Nature of Dalit Movement in Maharashtra
10. Economics History of Medieval India
11. Peasant Movements in India (Medieval and Modern)
12. History of Art and Architecture in India Medieval Period
13. History of Science and Technology in India
14. Nationalism in Afro-Asian Countries

Semester-III Semester-IV
Core Courses
7. Ancient and Medieval Civilizations of the World
8. Debates in History
9. Economic History of Modern India
Optional Courses(any 1)
15. Maharashtra in the 19th century: Structural Change
16. British Administrative Policies in india, 1765,1892
17. East Asia: China,1900-2000
18. Maritime History of India
19. Gender and Indian History
20. History of Medieval Europe
21. History of Modern Southeast Asia
Core Courses
10. History of Modern India (1857-1971)
11. Intellectual History of the Modern West
12. World after World War-II (1945-1995)
Optional Courses(any 1)
22. Nature of Transformation in 19th century Maharashtra
23. Socio-Religious Reform Movements in South India
24. Archival Studies
25. Urban History
26. Indian Women : Social Reality and Cultural Representation
27. Business History of Indian 1947-1991
28. East Asia : Japan, 1853-2000